I live in the Derbyshire Peak District in a high village with expansive views over hills, dales and a lot of vigorous weather. The winters can be long and the cloud cover low, but the distances and skies are wonderful. This landscape has been in my bones as long as I can remember and more and more it's distances and moods find a way into my paintings.

In recent years I've discovered a love of still lifes, the unassuming, mini-landscapes we come across in our own homes hundreds of times a week. Whether they are carefully arranged objects or accidental groups, all it needs is a sudden cast of light or shadow for them to become magical. There is such a pleasure in the shapes they make, or how they connect, or the way certain colours sit next to each other. I'm fascinated by their silent world and their way they are present, exactly as you left them, when you come home. If I've been away for a while, this strikes me as quite astonishing.

I paint in all media in a dynamic between abstraction and realism but I especially love working from imagination as it allows me to surprise myself with sights and thoughts I didn't know I could have.

I lead workshops and enjoy doing demos and talks for local art groups.