Sometimes I paint what is in my life, sometimes I paint what isn't.
I work in all media in a dynamic that moves between abstraction and realism. I especially love working from imagination as the freedom it brings allows me to surprise myself with sights and thoughts I didn't know I had.

I live in the Derbyshire Peak District in a high village with expansive views and vigorous weather. The winters can be long and the cloud cover low but the distances and skies are always enlivening. This landscape has been in my bones as long as I can remember and its colours, shapes, distances and moods inevitably find their way into my paintings.

In recent years I've discovered a love of still lifes. We all encounter these tiny fragments of the visible universe in our own homes hundreds of times a week. Whether carefully arranged and chosen objects or accidental groups, they are always made magical given a sudden cast of light or shadow. Their intimate landscapes give me a vehicle for exploring more contained themes.

As an artist I'm self-taught, having had a science education and a career as a speech and language therapist, later as a lecturer at the University of Sheffield, then a poet. As a writer whose major themes are science and nature, I have published books and taken part in funded projects, performances, residencies and fellowships.